SHIATSU & K.Y.Technique

    Mobile: 06 1907 9449
    Email: info@shiatsuyasu.com

  • Shiatsu therapist

    (licended by city government of tokyo in 1985)


    Official Shiatsu instructor of Namikoshi Shiatsu Europe
    Representative of Doutai-therapy Nederlands
    Representative of K.Y.Technique Nederlands

  • Place

    Valkenburgerstraat 188E

    1011 NC  Amsterdam

  • Method

    Shiatsu,Doutai Technique & K.Y.Technique



    Invented by Ken Yamamoto in Japan. The purpose of this technique is to bring back the body in anatomically good position



    Dou means movement,tai means body. Make space between bones(back bone & pelvis)


    Sequence of treatment

    1. Check balance in standing position

    2. Make space in upper & lower back bone  also pelvis:Check the body movement in 9 different ways then adjust properly

    3. Check the length of legs(check the pelvis & llium) & make legs equally if necessary

    4. Check all muscles, if there is a pain then relieve it

    5. Check the body again in the end of the session.If the body is anatomically good position then there are no more pain & stiffness


    Massage Magazine

    May&Jun 2013

    Het Parool

    13 Feb,2014

    Spa test


  • School
    Graduated Japan Shiatsu college in 1985


    Work history
    1985-1986 Japan Shiatsu Center in L.A
    1986-1989 Masa Shiatsu in Hawaii
    1989-1990 Kenko-do Shiatsu in N.Y
    1991-1994 Self-employed in Osaka Japan
    1994-2014 Okura Hotel Amsterdam
    2014- Self-employed (present)


    After 20 years working at Okura Hotel, I've opened my own practice near Waterlooplein

  • Opening:

    Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday & Saturday

    11:00 till 19:00 


    45 min 50 euro

    60 min 65 euro

    90 min 95 euro


    Homeservice +15 euro (Emergency only)

    Hotelservice (Amsterdam)100 euro


    Mobile: 06 1907 9449

    Email: info@shiatsuyasu.com














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